Where to get GNSC mod CD player repaired

I have a Wadia 581 modified by GNSC that requires to replace the CD transport (I guess), does anyone know who can do the work?

Thanks a lots

I would send it to Wadia. I don't see why they would not replace the transport if this is what is defective. I would call Wadia.
Good luck.
Hi Everyone,

Steve no longer does any repairs or support of GNSC modded units. That business closed and Steve is not able to make himself available for support and repairs. When GNSC closed, he did provide a link to some technicians he recommended for repairs though. Hope this is helpful:

Gary Garfield of Musical Fidelity (not the equipment manufacturer)
ARC repair expert and service center for many high quality audio brands
5183 Overland Ave # D
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 558-0037

Ben Jacoby of Hi-End Audio Repair
ARC repair center and good with all sorts of other gear including digital gear
Brooklyn, NY

Nick Gowan of True Sound
Excellent knowledge of hi-end gear and digital in particular
136 Kennedy Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008 Tel 408/370-7578

Really a shame that GNSC went out of business. They did some great stuff. I have several pieces and have enjoyed them very much.
Before Steve closed shop, he left a post on his site. He left the name of 3 techs.
Gary Garfield, Musical Fidelity 310-558-0037 for ARC repair.
Ben Jacoby, Hi End Audio Repair 718-377-8010 for ARC & other digital gear.
Nick Gowan, True Sound 408-370-7578 digital gear.
thank you all very much, I did call Wadia 3 times and left voice mail, no one replied so far.

I will try the True Sound first and later post the result.