Where to get replacement Rubber Feet?

Instead of modifying my exisintg rack to fit my new amp, I would rather obtain some new (smaller height) rubber feet for my 70lb amp.

Does anyone know a source where I can get a 1/2" (approx) tall set of rubber feet?? All my searches have yielded only high end isolation products.
I have routinely replaced rubber feet on my equipment as required with rubber and or plastic feet from Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. (www.outwater.com)

Whereby their rubber feet are only sold in diameters up to 1", their plastic case feet are available in diameters up to 1-1/8"

Check out catalog page (bottom of the page) as follows:


Self adhesive "Bumpon" products are quite effective for this type of application as well (Online catalog pages 238- 241).

Thanks guys, This is all great. I wasn't sure about the Herbies taking all the weight due to their small size, but I got an email back confirming the Buffalo dots will take the weight.

Thanks again,
the herbies are a no brainer. Cheap, effective and money back guar. They work very well
3RD the Herbies.

If using any softer type composite material for footers, these will provide a more proper compliance between the bottom of the component and shelf material MUCH better than any crummy rubber feet.

The more opposite the footer material from the component chassis and shelf, the better.