Where to go in Portland...

I’ll be in Portland for a few days — any recommendations for a good audio shop to audition speakers?
I have been buying gear from Echo Audio for 20yrs. Great place. Pearl Audio is another one I would check out. 
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The posters above have it right:  Echo Audio and its neighborhood (esp. Powell's) would be a great area to spend some time; Kurt's terrific, and there are a ton of good places to eat nearby and in the adjacent Pearl and West End districts.  Stereotypes is also very good, and it's next door to Nostrana which serves very good Italian food.  Out in Beaverton, there's Chelsea Audio & Visual, where you can listen to your heart's content.  You'll need a car to get there, but what Gertrude Stein once said about Oakland is also true for that part of Beaverton: there's no there there.  Fred's House of Stereo on Hawthorne has been there a long time and is also in a fun locale.

And if all your listening gives rise to a temptation to buy, remember that there's no sales tax in Oregon.  Enjoy your trip!
there are 3 good used / new Vinyl shops walking distance from Fred’s which has an eclectic mix of new and used gear, tube, SS, tonearms, electronic xovers....etc.
ditto for echo....do I hear an echo for echo ?
stumptown Java, Oregon Pinot, springer salmon..yum

there is also a killer used / new CD store about 3 blocks from Vodoo donuts....cant remember the name, but I always hit that....rivals but does not surpass Silver Platters in Seattle.