Where to go next to power my vivid speaker

Hi all

I have a great pair of vivid g3 speakers powered by Pass Labs xa 60.5 which is a good amp but I feel that i'm not utilizing the full potential of the speakers in terms of speed of the amps and full dynamic range. So Im thinking of either go up in the Pass chain (like 100.8 or 350.8) or leave the Pass family.I'm looking for solid state amps or hybrids only. My potential list so far is Soulution 710, Halcro 68, Audionet Max, and???. Budget new or used should be around $15k. I'll appreciate your thoughts.

I would suggest you go with the latest Pass Labs 350.8 variety. Your speaker efficiency is a 87 db which requires an amp with a lot of current delivery capability. The 350.8 is within your budget ($13.5k), and you should be in position to trade-in your current XA60.5 s with a Pass Lab dealer or sell it through the Audiogon.

I had a similar issue with my Apogee Duetta Signature speakers (86 db efficiency) being driven by a Classe Audio DR9 amp (125 w/ch.). These are now being driven by Krell FPB 350 MCX monoblocks (350 w/ch.). You cannot believe the difference these made, better everything.....Your speakers require more curent than the XA60.5 can deliver.
this comment is probably coming late, but I love my MuFi M8 monos. They pair fantastically with my Giya 2s. I do wonder about the Devialet 400s in mono, but I am so happy with my M8s that I can't make the effort to try the switch.