Where to go next with the turntable

I've been a long time owner of a Rega P7, and I feel like investigating an upgrade, I'm ot sure if I want to stick with Rega (P8 or P10) or try something else? Currently using a Soundsmith Zephyr MK III cart and Hegel V10 phono stage,

What I have now sounds good, but some more bass/warmth would be welcome. 



"More bass warmth" is a speaker/room/amplitude issue. All the best cartridges are very close in amplitude response striving for a flat curve from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. They are all within a dB of each other. 

As far as turntables go the real issues are less noise, both internal and environmental, better interface with the record and accurate speed control. The Thorens 1600 is the next step up from Rega. It is a fabulous turntable for the money adding a good suspension for environmental isolation. Form there you are getting into the Sota Sapphire with a Schroder CB or Kuzma 4 point 9. This adds a magnetic thrust bearing for less rumble and much longer bearing life. Adding Vacuum clamping and Sota's excellent mat gives you the best record interface. Moving up to the Sota line to the Cosmos gives you incredible speed accuracy, a 1" thick aluminum chassis, a constrained layer tonearm board, and vacuum clamping. Then you are off to megabuck tables like the Dohmann Helix, Basis Inspiration, Avid Acutus and SME 30/2 and 12.   

I don’t know turntables at all anymore, but it’s true that adding mid-hi frequency absorption and diffusion will help the bass emerge.

Also, a highly resonant room can benefit from bass traps, further improving the bass so that unnatural accents are gone.

You might want to listen to some digital and see if you feel you have the same bass / balance issues.

Thought I would throw in the Dr Feickert Volare as an upgrade.  I love mine!!!

I bought the P3 and added an RB300 to it and it’s still a cheap particle wood/pressboard plinth with Formica-like skin and a non adjustable VTA -(unless you buy some third party shims). Depending on what non-Rega cartridge you want to pair with it you will possibly have to add the shims to it. I don’t like Regas proprietary approach to their turntables but I’m sure there are many out there who are very satisfied with them. I don’t mean to disparage anybody’s fondness for those products but I regret taking that path and now overlook anything Rega. There are better choices out there for sure.

The room is custom built to be a listening room and there are room treatments. Digital sounds just fine, so no adjustments to the room will be needed. 

Don't get me wrong, the sound is great and the Hegel is a big improvement from what I had, We're talking just a bit of warmth along the level of a cable change (which is also something to consider). 

There are corner traps behind the speakers as well as treatments at the first reflection points as well as diffusers on the wall behind me. Guess I could stand to update my profile :-)