Where to insert tubes while running a Luxman SS integrated

I've recently upgraded my integrated amplifier from a Cambridge CXA81 to a Luxman l-507uxii.  The Cambridge is definitely not bad for its price, but the Luxman is a different animal and is making me want to upgrade everything else in my system.  Which brings me to my point of discussion: I'd like to insert tubes somewhere in my system to get some additional warmth and a more holographic soundstage.  Would adding a tube preamp and running the Luxman as only a power amp be best to do this, or would it be better to get a tube dac for my digital, and separately, a tube phono stage for my vinyl?


Thanks @mapman and @yogiboy . I’ll try to audition some Tannoys and Spendors (maybe somewhat of a challenge as I'm based in the US). I guess the question of whether to add tubes somewhere in the chain will follow after I acquire new speakers.

I might be able to help in this regard in that I have a luxman 550 ax2 and tannoy Legacy Arden speakers, I am also quite a way of how the Keff speakers sound having had a few pairs either side


What I would suggest however is that you change speakers first before you look at implementing a phono stage or preamp into your system as the speakers really are the end game in regards to how the overall sound will come across.

I myself have changed my dac and my phono stage to match what I wanted music to sound like even though the luxman itself has got a very good phone stage built in. I always think that speakers esp with such a jump in size and with amount of air moved is about 75% of the sound style. The tannoys will inject warmth into the situation and as for the poster that said luxman isn't good for tannoy well that isn't true... Both amp and speaker have stayed in my system longer than any other component 


One other thing... The tannoys do really benefit from being bi-wired

Thanks @richdirector ; very helpful.  I presume you find your Ardens warmer than any of the KEFs you’ve heard?