Where to put interconnects ???/

Hi, I have a question. I have a Rotel RB990 power amp , a Rotel RC 995 preamp and a Denon 1650AR CD player. I also have Cardas Neutral Reference and Analysis Plus Copper Oval ICs. Which cable would work best beween the preamp and poweramp and which between the CD and preamp? By the way speaker cables ar Analysis Plus I have understood the more detailed cable goes to the source (CD)Is this true? Opinions would help. Thanks,Keith
I have no idea but have the following step-by-step approach to the answer.

Step 1 (easy): Insert the Cardas between the amp and the pre-amp.

Step 2 (easy): Insert the Analysis Plus between the CD and the pre-amp.

Step 3 (important): Listen to some music you love and enjoy and know well and remember how it sounds

Step 4 (easy): Switch the Cardas to between the CD and the pre-amp and the Analysis Plus to between the amp and the pre-amp

Step 5 (important): Listen to that same music as in Step 3 again - and if need be - again

Step 6 (THE KEY): Figure out which cable set up you like the most and set it up that way. And do your best to stay with that setup

The last part of Step 6 is the hardest. You may well find yourself on the path to cable craziness trying various cables one after the other. But hey, you may find that you don't hear any difference between the sound in Step 3 and in Step 5 and you've saved yourself a hell of a headache!

Thanks. Thats funny stuff. Having been doing that for years Even when I worked in the biz. I am done doing it . I had gone to an integrated from seperates but had to sell the integrated and go back to some stuff I could get cheap. Also the location of the gear makes swapping cables very hard. Not only that my NRs are so strained from swapping a few years ago they will not take it anymore so I was hoping someone had some experience with this setup.
...& don't forget to let the cables settle before you do your final evaluation....YMMV. IME, Cardas cables may be more sensitive to this than other makes/brands?
as a general rule, whatever is the more higher end ic, put that the source. ymmv