Where to spend my money...

Over the years I've mostly purchased great used gear that works within my budget....and with much success.

I'd like some input on where to next invest my money for the most sonic improvement...a new turntable and stylus upgrade vs a new power amp.

I'm interested in pre-owned VPI tables and Pass Labs amps....particularly VPI Primes over the last say ten years....and something close to the current  Pass Labs X-150.8.

I currently enjoy Wilson Sophia speakers (version one)...a VPI Scout Junior TT with a Dynavector cartridge....Audio Research solid state 100.1 power amp and LS-16 Pre-amp.

I listened mostly to vinyl  (jazz and classical)...but also have the Cambridge CXN V2 streamer with Qobux as my source.  I realize any Pass Labs amp will stretch my budget but I'd like to get some input. I could see spending $2200.-$2700 on a new TT...and for the amp maybe $4000.00 to $5000.00 eventually...Just can't do both at the same time...

Any thoughts are appreciated.




Don’t over look the VPI Scouts, especially with the heavy metal platter and nordost JmW 9 tonearm. These are the precursor to the Prime and with a few upgrades like feet and motor you can get equal to or surpass the performance of a Prime for less money. 

My recommendation to anyone is used is good, but be careful about price. I have a rule of thumb. If it lists for more than 60 percent of new. Buy new or offer, or move on. Any blurry pictures, ask for better. reasearch at least 3 items in you catagory and price. Low, medium, high. Good and bad buys out there. Reasearch!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its easy to make a good $10k turntable, but not as easy on a good $1000.00 Turntable. My holy grail is sound returns.For instance, my Schitt Mani sounds great. Does it sound better than my Lehmann Black Box with power conditioner? NO, but it gets 90% there. Same with any thing pretty much. I go for the middle of the road in cost returns. But sometimes you have to treat yourself. And a warranty aint bad. Good luck.

Money to  burn,….?


Hookers, kegs, firetrucks, guns & blow, Audi R-8, 2 Omega sea masters, hire Holy Moses & Sodom for a concert at the cabin purchased in west Texas for you and everyone at audiogon, your family and friends, Bobby flay to cook and bar-b-q for us.  It’s what’s left, go buy some monoblocks and CD player  

What’s left, go stereo shopping

There's nothing wrong with what you have.  There is nothing you're going to buy that is really going make an improvement worth the trouble and money you're going to go through.   


Wow. Sorry to hear so many useless replies. There is no end to the improvements you can make. The big question, which one first? Which is what I think you asked.


It would be tremendously helpful to see your system and venue. There is a place under your user I’d to show it and components. This would help us understand your current system. Also, any comments about what you like about your system now. You have great speakers… so, there is great improvement possible.

Most of us that are really passionate have long term interest in improving one component at a time to achieve the best possible sound. But, also to have each purchase be satisfying in itself and bring us closer to the maximum capability of what we own. With your speakers there is a lot of possibilities.