Where to start?

Need suggestions for setting up a system with streaming and digital playback (from storage).  I have a great set-up that includes an Oppo 105D for playing CD's, SACD's and HDCD's-- and now interested in taking the plunge into digital.  I've been tempted to do this for the last few years but have hesitated.  I have a Hegel integrated and Raidho speakers, so I'm covered there.  This is what I am thinking currently:

Roon Nucleus +  (I like the fact that the storage can be put in and removed by the owner/user, unlike with Innuos, and that it has the capability to add a CD burner.  Surprisingly I found out that Innuos and Roon use the same software for CD burning: cdparanoia.  An A+ rating from Stereophile helps the cause for the Nucleus.  Adding a dedicated streamer could come later, I do like the Lumin reviews.)

Melco D100  (I have come to the conclusion that every component does matter, and that universally the users of the D100 report that the D100 results in a better sound in simply burning music vs. other methods in blind A/B tests.  Don't tell me that "bits are bits", etc. because I don't buy it.)

Holo Audio May Dac  (The reviews here are universal that you really can't do better for $5K or under).

So that's it.  Maybe some suggestions on cabling as well will help.  Thanks in advance.

Oh-- I don't want to go the single-box solution like the NAD M33, which seems like a great box, but would like to own separates.

I feel that you don’t need to spend $1300 for a ripper if you have a PC. The files come out the same.
If you're going Holo May get a Magna Mano Ultra and go i2s into it.