Where was the best reproduced sound you ever heard?

Answer: Right here in Poulsbo, Washington.

Shunyata Research wowed us all!!

I have short videos but lack the knowledge 

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Best to inquire yourselves.


Fifty years ago I heard a tri-amped set of Magneplanar Tympani IIIas with bass panels spread across a large basement rec room. They were powered by 3 - Audio Research Dual 76 amps, and an SP-3a preamp. The front end was a Thorens TD-125 with an SME arm and a Koetsu MC cart. We listened to Joni Mitchell's 'Miles of Aisles' live album, Dan Hicks 'Live at the Troubadour' as well several other cuts from that era. It was by far the biggest soundstage I have ever heard, it was dynamic, detailed, and unfatiguing, and I was very sorry when the night was over. 

I have heard (and owned) many great systems since, but none have ever come close to that experience.

MBL extremes Mk II at Kyomi audio near Chicago. Out of my reach, but if I had room and could get comfortable with the looks, I’d own 101s. As I don’t have a dedicated room, I have to live with them and the bling of MBLs is too much for me and the wife. But the sound is glorious.

The Extremes are worth going out of your way to hear if you get a chance.

I’ve heard Wilson Chronosonics w/ the Burmester reference gear and while certainly superb, just didn’t do it for me.

But those MBLs…

I was at the CES at McCormicks Place in Chicago in 1989.  The audio expo was in the hotel across the street.  In one of the large ballrooms they had four large electrostatic panels set up, I believe they were MartinLogan panels.  They were four large curved rectangles.  In the middle were four ARC Tube amps powering the four panels.  Behind that was a turntable and an ARC preamp.  They were playing an orchestral piece.  As I stood there I could hear each and every instrument in the orchestra laid out in front of me as if I were the conductor standing in front of the actual orchestra- 1 for 1 in size.  One of those moments I won't forget.

I think this can be the best sound reproduced audio system. Alex/Wavetouch audio

Original music


What if i prefer the second  and last video which sound better from my system ?😊