where/who builds the Borresen / Aviik Denmark gear?

pertaining to the Denmark built products, curious where these guys build their speakers and electronics

do they have their own factory?  separate factories for the different brands?  contracted to Danish builders?




Copied from the Audio Group Denmark website.


Handcrafting & Innovation

We design and handcraft everything by ourselves. Everything, from the loudspeakers’ driver units and the casting of the silver rings to the cables and the inside of our electronic devices is meticulously handcrafted and assembled in-house by our highly trained and skilled staff. The only thing we do not build ourselves are the cabinets for the electronic devices and the loudspeakers. We leave that to specialized cabinet manufacturers, with whom we work closely together to ensure that the quality is in line with our high manufacturing standards. To guarantee high quality and outstanding audio performance, we take great care to ensure that all our products undergo a thorough and meticulous testing before they are sold to our customers.

We have learned that the technological development and innovation that arises in the product development of each of our four brands Ansuz, Aavik, Børresen and Axxess, often can be used across the four brands. The technologies are adaptable to other products then what it was intended for. This means that our four brands exist in a symbiosis with each other. The knowledge- and technology sharing that takes place across the four brands is extremely generative and valuable. In this way, each brand benefits from the others and thereby makes each other better and stronger.

thanks, saw that

seems kind of vague and the site overall is a mess

its sounding as if they send their designs to designated different spots, most companies at the deep end of the pool tend to really show off their facilities when done all in house

their product offerings at Munich intrigued me specifically the Aavik U-588 and Borressen C series as a holy grail one box end game solution

as such I'm in the process of learning more about this group before shelling out a five figure investment

will continue to research their manufacturing


Try sending a message through their site perhaps? I doubt they are being intentionally vague.