Where will audio be in 10 years?

In honor of CES and some other emerging trends in electronics, where do you see the state of audio in the next ten years?

I see the audiophiles and the "general public" with two different systems. The audiophile will have, similar to today, separate components that will probably incorporate a CD-like player using blue laser technology to produce higher rez audio and video on the same disc. All the separate components, including amps, speakers, etc. will be connected via one cable of some high speed variety (HDMI ?).

The non-audiophiles will probably have a fat looking "receiver" which will have an amp/preamp and a giant hard-drive device incorporated in one box. On that hard drive will be audio (MP5:-), hi-rez video and whatever else (games, pictures, etc) all connected to a flat panel TV, that doubles as the computer monitor, attached to a speaker system. Of course it is all integrated with the internet which is where you'll order your music and movies instantly, on-demand.

What do you see the future holding?
brickwall crossovers. only the desired freq will make it to the individual drivers. flat responce plus or minus .1 db. that will be us non-audiophiles.
Probably very similar to today, socially. The gadgets will change, but there still will be audiophiles and the general public. The two groups won't homoginize, nor vanish.