Where will my powercables be used best ?


If I were to power all of my system with high quality power cables, I would need minimum 5 pcs. I only have 3 right now, so were will I get the most from them ?
My system consists of a cd/ sacd, a preamp, two monoblocks and a power re-generator. The analouge rig is not included in this question!
The cables I have now are. 1 x Nordost Vishnu + 2 x Nordost El Dorado. In time I will upgrade the Supra cables I have for the rest of the system as well, but the financial criscis have also hit Denmark were I Live !
Mix and match until you find the right combination. Unfortunately, there is no short cut as each system is different.
Try them on each piece of equipment and see if you hear a improvement over the stock cord. When you don't, see if you can get your money back.
Move them around but I'd bet that your 'best' cord will offer the most all around improvement when placed on the regenerator.
I agree with Bander's advice. I've tried the Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, and Valhalla and would recommend them as your budget allows. The Brahma may provide the best value in the Nordost lineup.