Whest MC REF V - my new christmas present

Well I took the plunge and ordered the new MC REF V version 4.
I had one in my system for about a week and was totally bowled over with just how it plays. Yes it's MUCH better than the RDT Special Edition in every area but what I found is that the 30R and RDT are related sound-wise, whereas the RDT Special Edition is MORE related to the MC REF V.

After having the unit in for a week and experiencing real 'music' I got in contact with James at Whest Audio. He put me on to this - his distributor in Singapore (Modular Audio) has just taken delivery of the MC REF V MK4 and this is what they had to say:

'I am very happy to tell you the MC Ref V sounded awesome even I am at the early stage of run-in. Many customers were dropping jaws how a phonostage could transform our showroom main system. Compare to the RDT, it is certainly a few steps up in terms of sonic qualities. To me, I felt it is
really organic and as near as one could get from the original masters. This is the best phono stage I have heard so far - and in my years of playing, I've heard most of the the best brands out there. Two thumbs up!'

I felt pretty much the same thing. It's more organic and 'real' and seems to just get out of the way. Even with my current setup, the performance upgrade is a huge step up. Far bigger than I thought possible. It has made me realise that I have been upgrading cartridges much sooner than I needed to! I could have stayed with my old Linn Troika and still ended up with a great sound. The MC REF V really brings out the very best of what you have - and more.

It should be with me in about 3 weeks, I can't wait.
Please be sure to post results once you have received and break in the phono stage.
What does your system consist of?
Yikes! 20K list. Did you consider the PS.30RDT before leaping up to the MC REF V? If so, how do those two compare?
Do you know the difference between the mark 3 and the mark 4? I have been lucky to have the Ref V mark 3 for 4 months now. Absolutely over the moon with the purchase. In fact its the most expensive piece of equipment in my system, but the benefits it gives to vinyl reproduction is sublime.

The only disappointment was when i registered the unit for warranty, i got an email from James saying that a new model was coming out and that he could upgrade it for me for $$$$$$

Ouch!!!! i see the new price is $19950!!!!! I wonder if that is just a marketing gimmick or that is the real price.

A $8000 jump in price is quite extreme.