Which 5.1 ch Pre?

Hi: I do not need processing, just preamplification (gain + vol. control) for a 5.1 ch set up, less than $2,000 demo or gently used. Here is a short list:
- Copland CVA 306 for its tubes
- McCormack MAP1 as it matches with my CDP UDP1
- Audio refinement Pre-5 for its very low cost
What would you recommend? Did I forget an obvious option?

Anybody see the NuForce 5.1 pre at CES/THEShow this year, the door was locked when I got to it, was a different room than 2 channel stuff? Thanks, Mike.
While I haven't heard the others you mention (though I have heard good things about the Map1), I've been nothing but pleased with my Audio Refinement Pre-5. The closest thing I've ever had to a complaint with it has nothing to do with sound quality... it's the fact that it only has one set of 5.1 inputs. If 1)you have only a dvd player and aren't into SACD or DVD-A or 2)you use a universal player to cover those formats, like I do, then the Pre-5 may be just what you are looking for!
The best deal is, still, a used Sony P9000ES but they are hard to find. AFAIK, YBA has discontinued the AR line, so the Pre-5 supply will be or is drying up now.

I'd second the Cal 2500. Phenomenal unit, easily in your price range,( can probably get one for $1,500) and as a bonus it is also an outstanding pre-amp.