Which $500 Speaker Next?

I'm going to be buying a new pair of speakers in a few weeks and wanted to get some input from you all.

My equipment is Classe CA-150 amp, lightspeed attenuator...
Looks are important, I like detail, imaging, tight well defined bass, maybe a little forward sound... My listening room is a small to medium sized bedroom

Brands I'm looking at:

Swan D1.1se
LSA .5 or 1.0
B&W 601 S3 or 685 local
Tannoy Revolution DC6
Focal 705v or 806v
Selah Audio
PSB Stratus Golds local (completly different from the others here)
NSM 10s local

And Anything else here on the Gon around $500.

I like all types of music. Vocal and drums need to sound good, along with guitars.

Thanks ahead of time for your input!
Pioneer B22 at $125 and NOT because Stereophile just named it "budget" product of the year...because they are good.
Okay, quick update:

I decided to go with another pair of paradigms (studio 40's v.4). I got them for $500, they are rosenut and in perfect shape.

Since I sold my 60's, I replaced my classe ssp 25 pre with a lightspeed attenuator, upgraded my cables and powercords, upgraded my wadia 170 power supply and added acoustic treatments. The 40's v.4 absolutely smash the 60's v.5, and I believe its because of the changes I've made to my rig since the 60's.

I listened to some Dali Icon 6's and Totem Arros for 4-5 hours before deciding on the 40's. The Dali's had good detail and attack, the Totems disappeared, had great tone, were very musical, had great bass for a speaker that size but just lacked some detail and resolution that I prefer. The Dali's and Totems would have cost $200-$300 more than the studio 40's which was also a determining factor.

I was also offered a great deal on the WaveTouch speakers (thanks!) but decided against them because I didn't care for the looks.

Anyways, I'm super happy with the studio 40's and for $500 I feel like I did well.

Thanks for all the input guys, I appreciate it!!