Which $7000 speakers to ask Santa?

I am considering forking out up to $7,000 maximum on a used pair of floorstanders that need to be my last pair (joke! at least last me 5-10 yrs and stop upgrading). Room is 13*21*7 and the rest of the system is slightly on the warm side of neutral so my preference goes for neutral to revealing speakers with very tight bass and lower mid (room accoustic tendency to emphasize the 100-500 Hz). On my short list are:
- Verity Audio Parsifal Encore
- Avalon Ascendant Gen II(new tweeter with more bite than gen I)or Opus Ceramic
- JM Lab Diva Utopia Be

I would love full range but not at the expense of bass quality so a 28-30Hz min can do if of high quality.

Any suggestions?

Used Avantegarde Duo's.Think that the Parsifal is excellent choice.Audio Physic Virgo III's would save money I have allways dug there sound (though I had smaller ones).Might also check the new B&W 803D ($8K list-room to make a deal)which goes as low as previous 802N (due to third 7" Nomex driver making them taller)and has a really exceptional tweeter.Those or a used pair of Revel Studio's are big bold speakers that will work with music across the board from small ensemble jazz to rock and large orchestral music.
Edgarhorn Titan II with Seismic sub http://www.edgarhorn.com/
great speakers and if you order the non-finished version for lot less than $7K
I highly recommend Wilson Audio Sophia ver. 1. ~ a steal between $6500 to $7000. I am very happy with mine - amazing speakers!
Of those mentioned so far and that I forgot to include in my initial post I'd like to second the Focus Audio's and the Merlin's. Since you seem game to get off the beaten path I'd like to once again suggest the Daedalus DA-1's. Do a search on this site and read about my 2 year adventure to find an extraordinary sounding but not fantastically expense full range floorstander. The search ended with the DA-1's and I heard and rejected many of the speakers recommended here--including the Wilson's, ProAc's, Von Schweikert's, Focus's, Merlin's and Vandersteen's. Yep, heard them all in ideal demonstrations and bought the Daedalus's. They might not be your cup of tea but they are certainly worth a listen.
I am not afraid to get off the -heavy marketing- beaten path, I guess this is what you get when you get older with a dedicated room: WAF irrelevant and audio marketing geniuses' opinion unworthy of a rabbit's fart as Miller used to say. I think both Daedalus and Tyler present interesting alternatives to the "small mass" producers such as Avalon, Focus or Merlin. B&W and Wilson definitely neither my cup of tea sound wise and I do not recognize myself in these brands nor their pricing...

Are there more like Daedalus and Tyler I should check? Acoustic Zen Adagio or Zu Definition are very appealing to me as well, any user? on what side of neutral are they?

Txs and Happy Holidays to all 'Goners.