Which Ahmad Jamal Recordings?

I'm a fan of jazz trio (piano, bass and drums) and heard a nice cut from Jamal's new recording today on Jazz 88 (Newark). I'm not really familiar with his stuff, though I remember one of my colleagues back when I worked in D.C. was a huge fan. My limited exploration of this area of jazz involves the usual suspects: Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Kenny Barron, Bill Charlap, etc. I really like ballads and stuff for late night listening. Can anyone recommend some titles for me to explore?
There is much to enjoy in this vein on his Argo recordings of the late 50s and early 60s, "Live at the Pershing" being, perhaps the most famous. I was knocked out by his 2003 recording, "In Search of Momentum" on the Dreyfus label. He plays with incredible dynamism and freedom of expression on this recording, although this may not completely suit your desire for balladry. Wonderful chemistry with drummer Idris Muhammad and bassist James Cammack throughout.
I have Crystal on LP and it is fantastic, very dynamic, really captured the lower notes on the piano.
You can't go wrong with any of his recordings. Try Rossiter Road for nice late night ballads.
Fully concur with Ghostrider45.Everytime I listen to AJ, my foot just tap ,tap, tap.I think he takes the trophy for the most underrated jazz artist.
I have always liked the 20 bit Telarc; Live at Joe Segal's.
You have to turn the volume up a little, but very good sonic quality for a live recording.