Which Ahmad Jamal Recordings?

I'm a fan of jazz trio (piano, bass and drums) and heard a nice cut from Jamal's new recording today on Jazz 88 (Newark). I'm not really familiar with his stuff, though I remember one of my colleagues back when I worked in D.C. was a huge fan. My limited exploration of this area of jazz involves the usual suspects: Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Kenny Barron, Bill Charlap, etc. I really like ballads and stuff for late night listening. Can anyone recommend some titles for me to explore?
Fully concur with Ghostrider45.Everytime I listen to AJ, my foot just tap ,tap, tap.I think he takes the trophy for the most underrated jazz artist.
I have always liked the 20 bit Telarc; Live at Joe Segal's.
You have to turn the volume up a little, but very good sonic quality for a live recording.