Which amp is better...

I have narrowed my search to between the Proceed HPA3 and the Bryston 6B-ST (sort of). I know that listening is the key, but unfortunately I do not have the option of listening to either amp. I own a 4B-ST right now, but I am in desperate need of some decent center channel amplification. I've posted on this subject before, and you all have provided some good advice, but now I'm kinda stuck. The Bryston does wonders with my system for movies and excellent for music (other equipment includes B&W N804s, HTM-1 center, Proceed AVP, Meridian 508.24, & Sony DVP-9000ES, music 60%,movies 40%).

I have auditioned the Proceed AMP 5 (great sound, I love the option to use both balanced and single ended ICs at the same time, but just lacking in bass) and as I mentioned I own a 4B-ST (great bass, but lacking some of the detail that the Proceed provided). My question is, is the HPA3 a last-amp-you'll-ever-buy amp, or has Bryston added a few more goodies to the 6B-ST to enhance its quality over the already superb 4B-ST? I'm not so concerned with warranty anymore (5 years from Proceed is good enough). Remember, I will have to buy either of these amps sight-unseen. I know this goes against every rule here, but the hi-fi market has virually shut down where I live. The 4B-ST will be sold to help finance this purchase (moving it to the rears was an option until the stock market tanked). Anyway, thanks all.

As a side thought (for less money), there are so many 4B-STs for sale on this site CHEAP, anyone ever run one as a mono-block?--good quality? For the cheap prices they are selling at it might almost pay to just run one channel and let the other one idle. That would be a quick solution that I could live with. Sorry for the long post, but I'm kinda in a corner right now.
Powerpac 250 would be a cool option, but it is completely rack unfriendly, plus I don't have enough outlets (I like to plug the amp directly into the wall socket). I do agree with you about the lack of sound quality when it comes to movies, but I will be using this amp for music, too. Aragon 8008bbx3 is a great amp for home theater, but I need an amp with exceptional channel separation, i.e. a true triple mono design. I know its not really the last amp I'll every buy, but probably the last amp for a few years. Keep the advice coming. Thanks.
I own a Bryston 4B-ST and 5B-ST, but have done some extended listening recently to the 6B-ST. I think the overall audio quality of the 6B-ST is better than the 4B-ST, although not "night and day" better. I think the 6B-ST is an excellent amp, and I'd characterize its tonal qualities as very similar to the new 14B-ST. I think you will find the 6B-ST to be an excellent choice -- if I were in the market for a more powerful version of my 5B-ST, I'd definitely go with the 6B-ST.
I have been talking with James Tanner at Bryston, and he informed me they have changed the output devices on the
14B-ST and the 6B-ST. He recommends the 6B-ST over the
4B-ST and I have read several posts around the web that state the 6B-ST is clearly superior to the 4B-ST when listening to two channel. Hope to give a listen to the 6B-ST in a week or so, and will let you know if you haven't decided by then. Bryston is a bit behind schedule in the making of the 6B-ST, about 2 weeks I think and the dealer is having a hard time getting one.
I have not heard the Bryston, but have demo'd the Proceed. I elected to buy an EAD powermaster 2000. It had more bass extension (with my low impedence speakers, martin logans), more power, better looking, highly regarded by stereophile guide to home theater, and has "dynamic energy steering", which basically means the amp has 1 to 5 channels, from 2000 ro 400 watts per channel into 8 ohms, depending on how many channels are driven. The PM 2000 has been discontinued and now EAD makes the PM 8000 and 9000. There are many on the used market, however. Give this one a listen if you can. Especially if you have very revealing, technical, or dry sounding front end or speakers.
The 6B ST is far superior to the 4B ST. It sounds better and runs cooler. I bridged a 4B ST for a single channel and it still didn't hold a candle to the 6B ST. I started out using two 4B ST amps, one bridged for the center channel and another for the main speakers.Then I switched to the 6B ST and it sounds much better. I'm using the two 4B ST amps now for surround amps and the 6B ST up front. The 6B ST is a big improvement.