Which Amp to Choose McIntosh MC7200 or MC275-V?

Getting back into the hobby again after several years without a decent listening room. We are finally settled in a great home with a dedicated TV/Audio room. I have a mostly McIntosh system with MC2002 Amp, MC712 Preamp, MR73 Tuner and Music Hall MMF-25 CD Player. All of which are played back through a JM Lab Focal Electra 927 Be Speakers (which sound superb and are a huge upgrade from my former older Thiel Speakers).
I'm going to upgrade both my preamp to a MC-41 and my CD player to a MVP-861 this month to develop a balanced input/output system. I have never tried a tube amp before, but someone local suggested my speakers might be a good match with a tube set up. Would appreciate some feedback - especially from McIntosh owners with systems similar to the one I am considering building..
the mc275...any series is arguably the finest 'gutsy' tube amp ever...the mc7200 is great, but not quite as collectable or fun.
loved my time with the MC275 MKV. Great full bodied airy amp. Responds to tube rolling.
I have always found Bertllium Focals(except for the really high end models) to be on the bright side although to my ear the latest gen Beryllium models are sounding really good, not as edgy, according to my tastes of course. I have also felt that Focals need a good amount of power to really show their strengths. The 275 does offer about 90wpc which should be enough to get your speakers singing. That being said I love my 275 and as Pdreher said it responds very well to tube rolling, one thing too keep in mind is that the amp needs at least an hour of being on/playing to sounds it's best.. This may be problematic depending on your listening habits and lifestyle. I have thought about trading mine in for a SS amp that can be left on but I really can't find a SS amp that has the magic of the 275 in it's price range. I am biased but feel you can't go wrong with the MC275, it really is a great sounding amp.
I own a 275 mk IV paired with B&W 804S and love it. The speakers' aluminum tweeter are considered bright by some people, and I find the combination with tubes to be very good. Your Focals were on my speakers short list too, but wasn't able to audition and decided for the 804.

BTW, are you positive the MC41 is REALLY balanced? Some McIntosh components have XLR connectors but aren't really balanced by design. Not that this should be a deal breaker (eg; my pre only has RCAs), but I guess you should be aware of what you are buying.
Has anyone ever had experience with the MC275 and JBL speakers, namely the JBL 240ti with titanium tweeter?