Which Amp to complete my system?

Need amp recommendations to complete my system.
Front end is PSA BHK + PSA DirectStream w/ net-bridge.  Speakers are Klipsch La Scala II.  Love horn speakers but want to ensure the amp is not additionally bright.
With Don Sachs you get a lot more for your money, much like Schiit Audio he sells direct to market, and using Maida filters his DC is dead quiet, a must for high efficiency speakers, as well as for maximizing detail and timbre. You should at least give him a call before dismissing him. 

http://www.dsachsconsulting.com/custom line stage.html
I love my Rogue Stereo 100, modern powerful tube amp. See recent stereophile review.
A good Audio Research Reference 75SE. I have a few that I am selling in the store. Tubes will lend themselves to a bit warmer sound. If that's your cup of tea.
Thanks all for the recommendations.  
@ thehorn and @ setriodes
I have taken special note of the Coiencident Dragon as an interesting option as I have the Coincident Frankenstein-II and live the amp but just not enough to bring the La Scala's alive.
@ smer319
I'll have to see if anyone in my area has a AR-R75SE to give a try.

definitely tubes with Klipsch horns.

And Although the Pass Labs Amps are some of the best SS imitators of tubes, IMO, Pass amp still will not do u justice.

The PSA BHK 250 would be too much power for easy-to-Drive-Klipsch horns. 

The Sonic Frontiers, Vincent and Rogue would be fine, but they do not match the high quality of the BHK hybrid Pre. So  I would bump it up a notch and quality for the team to amplifier, since it’s the last electronically is influencing the sound before it goes to your speakers. 

Consider Cary, Mystere, Primaluna, Quad, etc

A pair of small monos would be perfect IMO