Which amp to drive Totem Signiture ones?

I have a sytem in our living/dining room. The Totem Sig 1's are driven by a Kora 60w Jupiter tube amp and Kora Eclipse tube pre. Cables are cardas golden cross, nordost red dawn II speaker cable. The sound does not move me and I believe that the amp is not up to par. I know the Totem needs a bit of power, and i hoped taht 60w of tube would do it. what amps should i consider, and should i look at ss? I may have to go ss because of space issues for a larger tube amp. Say budget is less than 2k for used amp. I have also considered adding a powered sub, say a rel srata. Thanks all.
I have for some time been using a Levinson 27 (200 watts into 4 ohms) to drive Mani-2's via Kimber Bifocal XL. It is a good combination and should work well with the Sigs. The Levinson 27 can be had used for less than $2000. The Levinson 27.5 might be even better and is available at around $2000.
Dear g m c,
I have a pair of vtl 80 watt mono's for sale. I use them with my maggie 1.6's in a 14x16 room. They sound great. Tube magic while keeping the lows and highs intact. I'm asking 950.00 OBO.
Let me know
I'm new to this list--so I hope I'm doing this properly.

I've essentially inherited a mid-fi system of a Parasound PLD-1100, Rotel RB-1080, Velodyne ULD ? 12, and an Arcam Alpha 7se CD player, but no speakers. Several years ago I heard some Totems (no idea which ones) and was very impressed. I'd like to know which Totems represent the greatest value and which would be an appropriate match with these components.
Thanks in advance.
Choose the everpresent Signature 1 MKII for your needs, and if you are a little tight in budget, go for the ROKK or the MITE, instead of the slimmer Arrow. Have you noticed that this thread is about 2 years old?
I notice that this thread is 2 years old, but will add my piece anyway:)
Jolida 502B modified (Underwood HiFi) sound great powering these little marvels.