Which amp to use with Linear Tube Audio pre?

I really love my LTA Microzotl 2. Its bit clunky in a NAD 3020 sort of way but the sound always pleases.

I'd like to pair it with an amplifier that doesn't step on what it does, have used it with a Prima Luna Premium amp section and Musical concepts modded Hafler, both subtracted from what I can hear using it as a 1w amplifier direct. Am tempted to go for a Pass XA25 in my 12x12 listening room as that has good reviews driving Magnepan whereas the LTA amp sections do not.

Wondering if LTA pre owners have other recommendations?


@cat_doorman what I hear using MZ2 straight in is a less compressed sound, the ambiance and little sound cues that persuade of a lifelike reproduction. yeah sustained bass gets muddy and loud treble transients can clip but thats 10% if the time vs the other 90% that sounds more life like.

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i am amazed by what the xa25 can do with my 1.7i’s in my 17x19 well damped room

nominally pass rates it as 25/8, 50/4 but read the atkinson test results in herb’s review in s’phile... it actually puts out 130 wpc into 4 ohms at <1% thd! ... now in golf that is called pro-level major league sand-bagging!!!! 😂

It’s so easy to forget how much our ears can adjust for loudness. Once you’ve acclimated to a quiet room music at 70dBC can seem plenty loud, but turn it down to 70 from 90 and at first it sounds wrong and imbalanced. Even though I find myself listening at low levels quite often, I still didn’t immediately get how you could use a 1W amplifier with Maggies. There was a thread here a while back where someone was upgrading to an XA25 from the Schiit Aegir. It’s what sold me on trying out Class A with the Aegir instead of waiting to save up for the XA25. Might be a less expensive intermediate step. I wonder how the newer class D might do for you or even GaN Class D. Curious to hear where you end up.

I have my mz2 running into a pair of quicksilver mid monos and the combo sounds great.  No sure how they’ll work with Maggie’s.  Also using my MZ2 straight into my Audio Note AN/E speakers.  Great sound, a little underpowered.