Which amp to use with Linear Tube Audio pre?

I really love my LTA Microzotl 2. Its bit clunky in a NAD 3020 sort of way but the sound always pleases.

I'd like to pair it with an amplifier that doesn't step on what it does, have used it with a Prima Luna Premium amp section and Musical concepts modded Hafler, both subtracted from what I can hear using it as a 1w amplifier direct. Am tempted to go for a Pass XA25 in my 12x12 listening room as that has good reviews driving Magnepan whereas the LTA amp sections do not.

Wondering if LTA pre owners have other recommendations?


I have my mz2 running into a pair of quicksilver mid monos and the combo sounds great.  No sure how they’ll work with Maggie’s.  Also using my MZ2 straight into my Audio Note AN/E speakers.  Great sound, a little underpowered. 

@cat_doorman thanks for mentioning the Aegir. At $800 its worth trying as an inexpensive test to see if a low wattage class A amp would work.

Pulled the trigger on Aegir order, will report back on results when it has broken in

Aegir was interesting, very warm and full sound. But sounded syrupy and compressed compare to using the MZ2 as amp,  definitely stepped on details the MZ2 was providing and could be tripped into protect with loud orchestra. Decided against a small class A amp, will start saving for the DVA 225s + active RCA to XLR adaptor

hmm, latest review in TAS on the Orchard Audio Class D GaN mono blocks intrigued me,  submitted an order.