Which amp to use with Linear Tube Audio pre?

I really love my LTA Microzotl 2. Its bit clunky in a NAD 3020 sort of way but the sound always pleases.

I'd like to pair it with an amplifier that doesn't step on what it does, have used it with a Prima Luna Premium amp section and Musical concepts modded Hafler, both subtracted from what I can hear using it as a 1w amplifier direct. Am tempted to go for a Pass XA25 in my 12x12 listening room as that has good reviews driving Magnepan whereas the LTA amp sections do not.

Wondering if LTA pre owners have other recommendations?


Aegir was interesting, very warm and full sound. But sounded syrupy and compressed compare to using the MZ2 as amp

This is exactly why I recommended Bryston as it’s transparent and less likely to stomp on the good things the MZ2 brings to the table. Also, if it’s in the budget, AGD GaN amps are garnering universal praise, and they just launched a stereo amp.

Using my LTA Microzotl preamp with an Odyssey Kismet stereo amp. Sounds amazing.

mmm, the Orchard Audio GaN monoblocks are working very nicely with my Magnepans. But the law of unintended consequences has kicked in. My MZ2 used as pre isn't as clean and clear with the GaN monoblocks as a simple passive Schiit SYS pre. So its relegated back to a headphone amplifier only for the moment

@davide256 ,


Interested in where you ended up.

I have mz2 in near field with and high efficient Decware speakers - love the 3d space it creates.  I also have Maggie .7s in my living room with a great processor/preamp - but was wondering if there was some way to bring some of that tube magic to the Maggies without muddying things up.  Thinking of getting an LTA power amp for the Maggies.

They recommend the ZOTL40, but there's some good prices on the ultralinears that have less power.

My questions:
  - you said the MZ2 could drive your Maggies 90% of the time with 1 watt?  Your feeling if a 20 watt LTA amp would be enough to over the rest?
  - You also said you like the sound of the Schiit Sys + Orchard over the MZ2 as a pre.  Do you think the MZ2 is muddying things, or it's just not a good match with the Orchard?

Any thoughts / experience is greatly appreciated.

Aegir was interesting, very warm and full sound. But sounded syrupy and compressed compare to using the MZ2 as amp,  definitely stepped on details the MZ2 was providing


it took a while, but I get what you were saying here now. I’ve been doing a lot more listening with the MZ3 as an integrated. I still use the Aegir sometimes, but feed it with a SS hpa for background music or TV or just days I’m not up for burning tubes. The last time I put the Aegir between the MZ3 and my speakers was after listening a while to the MZ3 by itself. And it hit me. Maybe I wasn’t listening to the same things before and was focused on other differences. I can’t unhear it now. Probably not going to use that combo anymore.