Which amp would you go with

Ok the room is 13 ft wide.  Listening area is 10ft from speakers 2 ch system. The floorstanders I will be running are Tannoy XT6F.  The source is Oppo 105 as preamp.  Pretty simple setup.  The only thing not purchased yet is Amp and/or sub (if needed).  Around $1000 give or take is the budget. The short list in order of preference is.

https://www.arcam.co.uk/products,HDA,Integrated-Amplifier,SA20.htmI think this will pair best with the Tannoys and Oppo
https://www.rega.co.uk/elex-r.htmlI think this is probably the most regarded on the list.  Most expensive too

https://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=VISV500Great reviews, but Im a bit skeptical and would need some persuading from someone who owns this.

and the fallback option


I would save up your money for a few years and wait.  $1,000 certainly will not buy you much.  
I would save up your money for a few years and wait.  $1,000 certainly will not buy you much.  
Among those choices, for sure, Arcam. Love their amp signature, closest I've heard to Ayre.


mesch said it best

If I were in your position, preferred Brit and didn't want to overspend moving "up the ladder", I'd jump on the Creek M2si from Upscale. If there is a better value I am ignorant.
If you have floor space a coupla Dayton SUB-1000s, stategically placed would get your room pretty flat to 30Hz. Either with mucho work or DSP. You are down 6dB @38Hz now. There is a lot of music down there.
Add a pair of Morrow cables and you are hitting your $1000.
Good luck.
I gotta enjoy blooming bliss now. After 45 years of trying I've hit Nirvana with my "~$5000 plus a FPGA" system. You CAN get there from here.