Which amplifier should i buy

Iv'e already asked , quite similar question , but i would like to clarify my question. So , Iv'e ordered a new speakers, Magico A3 and now i want to buy an amplifier, a tube amplifier. The amount of money that i can allow myself is up to 20,000$. The possibilities that i thought about are : zesto eror 300 / vtl MB -450 series ||| signature / vac phi 170 (two - i mean transform it monobloc) . Those are the options that i thought about till now. Does anyone can recommend which is the best option in this amount of money , it doesn't have to be from the option list that i mentioned.Unfortunately  there are brands that i can not buy in my country (ISR) , for example cat....
Thanks to anyone . 
One more vote for Atma Sphere MA-1. They are driving my Sound Lab A3 (which are much more harder to drive than your Magico A3) and I absolutely love them. I prefer Atma Sphere over EAR Yoshino, McIntosh, AR, Prima Luna and VTL, mentioned here. 
Try a tube preamp into a solid state amp.  Try a tube preamp into a decent quality Class D amp, even something like Icepower.  You might be surprised. 
Interesting thread responses. The OP has written several times he clearly prefers a tube power amplifier.  It seems many disregard his taste and recommended 'their' preferences of transistor amplifiers. 
Now that you have seen opinions from everyone else, I'll add my 2 cents.

For considerably less money, I strongly suggest that you look at the UNISON RESEARCH   "UNICO 90 or the "UNICO 150". Hybrid design allowing reproduction reflecting the best of both worlds. I consider these to be "musician's amplifiers". If you desire to spend more, consider their monoblocks and preamps.