Which are the top DVD-A players?

I'm curious to hear from DVD-A proponents. Which are the better
DVD/DVD-A players. I'm not interested in Universal Players, I am
interested to hear your experiences with DVD-A Players. Which
ones also have great redbood play-back, are also top DVD players, etc. If I could get some info at different price ranges --
even better. Also, which are the better DVD-A's, which recordings
show the medium to its fullest? Thank you.
I believe there is less variation in DVD-A players than SACD players. Perhaps this is because the DVD-A technology is just an extension of the mature CD PCM technology: 24 bits instead of 16 and 96KHz instead of 44.1KHz. There are more new lessons to be learned for SACD. Of course the output analog circuitry in important for all formats, and can be addressed by mods. When I upgraded my universal player the SACD performance improved but the DVD-A was not significantly changed.

The "full capability" of DVD-A does include multichannel. I will put in my usual plug for Tacet discs of classical chamber music. $29 a pop from elusivedisc.com.
Meridian is the leading company with the 598 and new G series coming out . The company has their propritary " smart link " that keeps the signal in the digital domain. They are also of course the creators of the MLP format. Mated with one of their processors like the Meridian 861 v 3 series and you have the finest dvd-a currently has to offer.
If you're going to rule out universal players,you are pretty much left with the Meridian, which costs a fortune. The Esoteric DV-50 universal player has very good CD performance, but can be beaten by a number of more costly units; has excellent SACD performance, but my SACD player, which costs much more, beats it; but its DVD-A side is absolutely extraordinary. I don't know where you can hear better right now, except for the Meridian.
There are other options, check out Muse Model 10, Model 9 Signature, and Thalia. All are reported to be excellent with redbook CD and DVD-A. Links below.


How about the new Arcam DV27A? I have not heard this player firsthand, but I have owned their FMJ CD23 (Ring-DAC) cd-player for almost two years now and have been VERY satisfied with it. If their new DVD-A player sounds anywhere near as good on DVD-A as the CD23 does on redbook, it should be AWESOME. I've been considering upgrading my older non-progressive-scan Sony DVD carousel with a new progressive scan universal/or DVD-A machine and the Arcam will definately be on my short-list to audition. Although in my case I would utilize the improvement in DVD video perfomance much more than the DVD-A since I do not plan on replacing my 1,000+ cd's just yet.. that's why I bought the CD23 and I'm not looking back - no regrets!
Denon DVD-9000 should be included, no? Also the Toshiba 9200, even even both units are rather old at this point. Also consider some of the Arcam units someone else mentioned.
I agree concerning the Esoteric DV-50, and find its SACD performance to be as good or better than most stand alone CD players. For the present,however, avoid the Linn Unidisk 1.1, even if you have the 11K. Many of these units have problems playing certain discs, especially the early two-channel Sonys and two channel Telarcs.
The best DVDA player right now seems to be the Meridian 800--not the 598 mentioned above.
Calanctus , correct of course . I mentioned the g series and 598 because of the excellent pricing vs cost in the line. There is just so few who can even look at an 800 series seriously. The gap in performance has closed signifigantly but the 800 series is future proof and is the best money can buy in all probability. You are so right however .. I was hoping to excite some interest .
I know you love your dv-50 and I think it great also but, please stop bad mouthing the Linn unidisk. I have had one since september and not one problem what so ever ! Plus Linn is providing hardware and software upgrades to keep it on the leading edge. Esoteric is not.
Linn Unidisk 1.1 is phenomenal...and i haven't had any problems (although just got it)
My comments on the Linn Unidisk are based on the experience of a friend who got his in July. The sound is excellent, at least as good as the DV-50 and perhaps better. However, he has had a lot of software problems, and has had to return it to Linn twice. (He is currently waiting for its 2nd. return.) I agree that it is a great player. He may have got a "lemon". I suggest that purchasers audition the actual unit they plan to purchase on all the major formats before writing the check.
The Linn Unidisk 1.1 that I've had for a few months has not shown up any problems in operation or format recognition.