Which artists do you just not get?

I love folk. I love rock n roll. I love jazz, classical, C&W, blues and bluegrass.

At the risk of being labeled a troglodyte, a philestine, or worse, I've never been able to listen to Bob Dylan without getting a headache. Reminds me of a cat and a chalk board. Same goes for The Grateful Dead. Maybe I wasn't doing the right drugs or something.

Who else has the courage to admit to disliking music that vast portions of the population seems to go gag-ga over?

Rule number 1, Don't get personal or call other posters names because they just dissed your favorite artist.

Rule number 2, keep it civil.

Rule number 3 - HAVE FUN!
Jax2-you are right to call me on that Movie thread but that was also born out of frustration out of what I saw as a completely pointless thread (most overrated album if I remember right).
What I thought I did was take a very humourous stance on movies I hated..I meant it but I thought I added something different..I guess part of my problem on this thread is seeing so many artists I admire being slated...
That's not a problem in itself but I think it would be pointless to write why I think that artist is great to a person who has clearly such fundamental problems stretching themselves to "understanding" that music.
Music is my passion,we can't like everything for sure but to not "get anything" strikes at my core,I need to at least try to understand music and I'm actually arrogant enough to state there's nothing I didn't get or realise on some level is giving someone something......I might not like it the way I don't particularly like strawberries.

Ben- It is our differences, as well as our similarities, that makes life so rich and keeps things interesting. If we all liked the same things life would be pretty boring I think. In spite of your thinking this was a "dumb" thread (I get cranky too and have had similar knee-jerk reactions to things when I am, especially when it strikes at something at my core as you so eloquently have confessed), you have made some interesting contributions yourself and I would guess you may have gotten some 'value' from the insight necessary to write what you have. I guess I'm simply suggesting that is not a "dumb" thread at all. Perhaps if you apply the way you approach music (per your last paragraph) to how you view others points-of-view (simply try to understand them, recognize they may be different than yours, and also realize that you may also have much common ground as we all do) you may open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities, as you do with the music! You don't need to change people at all, nor defend yourself or anyone else ...appreciate them for who they are, just as you are able to be so open to such a diverse selection of music.

Thank you for your candid thoughts...and I am not at all being sarcastic. I appreciate that they make me think about this stuff too.

I'm surprised bombastic, pretentious, and constantly straining to be hip Bruce Springsteen hasn't gotten more votes. I get a head and throatache just hearing/seeing him. Does anyone else think it's funny people like Springsteen (and many others) who have been powerfully rich, pampered, and insulated for decades still write tunes about the "common man"? Where do they get inspiration, from one of the lackeys who makes sure they never have to see a red M&M?
There is no music that I don't "get." It's all music. It's people that I don't get.

Greatest, in my mind:
Dylan (popular/rock)
John Coltrane and Kenny Dorham (jazz)
Other: Martin Stephenson and the Daintees
Tomryan-Sprinsteen has approached that subject himself on the Human Touch/Lucky Town records-there's a line about "a rich man in a poor man's shirt"-he's well aware of that dichotomy within his work.
He's pissed me off in recent years with his record releases-10 Tracks having two songs not on the 4 CD box-set Tracks struck me as bleeding the fans dry.
He's not the man he used to be as regards that.
As for bombast,I'm sure live there is still a lot of that but as regards his music he's done very stripped down records reflecting his musical roots of country,blues and folk music.
As a writer he has carved out a niche and is probably the best living songwriter about reflecting the struggle of everyday life,it's failures and it's darkness and that is a pretty universal message-that's why his music has travelled so well around the world,sure it's about America on the surface but beneath his work is about humanity.
The mid-80's image of Born In The USA Bruce is something he'll perhaps never shake off.
As for his inspiration I'm sure it comes from everywhere,his own local community was devastated by 911 and all he had to offer (apart fom his charitable donations which he is famous for)is his music.
I don't like everything Springsteen has done but I don't think he ever wrote a word he didn't mean.
And that's more important than whether he's a multi-millionaire or not.