Which artists do you just not get?

I love folk. I love rock n roll. I love jazz, classical, C&W, blues and bluegrass.

At the risk of being labeled a troglodyte, a philestine, or worse, I've never been able to listen to Bob Dylan without getting a headache. Reminds me of a cat and a chalk board. Same goes for The Grateful Dead. Maybe I wasn't doing the right drugs or something.

Who else has the courage to admit to disliking music that vast portions of the population seems to go gag-ga over?

Rule number 1, Don't get personal or call other posters names because they just dissed your favorite artist.

Rule number 2, keep it civil.

Rule number 3 - HAVE FUN!
Great thread.

I don't get:

Dave Matthews
Lyle Lovett

And I'm a hardcore Deadhead, someone who's "supposed" to like all three of the above. Yes, the Dead I got. Big time, but not really before I saw them live (Colt Park, 1975). Someone above noted the distinction between the live Dead and the studio Dead. Not even close to being the same band. I always assumed that they did the studio stuff to keep the mainstream world and record industry happy and the concert promoters (other than Bill Graham) fed with pr fodder. I have about 50 Dead recordings in one form or another, but haven't listed to a studio recording in years. To me, the Dead have ALWAYS been a band to listen to live or not at all. With the new Dicks Picks (since no. 17 I think) coming out in HDCD, it's a whole new world from 6th, 7th or 8th generation cassettes.

IMHO, most people who either don't get the Dead or don't like the Dead, when pressed, seem to be most turned off by the Deadhead "culture," and know very little about--or worse have never heard--the music. I've turned a few friends from detractors to fans when I dragged them to a show. And it didn't even require drugs!
Dcwinton, how can you like the Dead and not like Phish? The first time I heard Phish I thought someone had cloned Jerry's DNA.
I know. Strange. But I find them very gimmicky and a bit too clever for what I think their level of talent can handle. Sort of like Foreigner trying to play Pink Floyd or Steely Dan. I wish I did like 'em, because it would make my social life easier, and my family life too as I turned my four nephews into Deadheads and they all became Phish and Dave Matthews fanatics. My loss I'm quite certain, but there's no accounting for taste.