Which artists do you just not get?

I love folk. I love rock n roll. I love jazz, classical, C&W, blues and bluegrass.

At the risk of being labeled a troglodyte, a philestine, or worse, I've never been able to listen to Bob Dylan without getting a headache. Reminds me of a cat and a chalk board. Same goes for The Grateful Dead. Maybe I wasn't doing the right drugs or something.

Who else has the courage to admit to disliking music that vast portions of the population seems to go gag-ga over?

Rule number 1, Don't get personal or call other posters names because they just dissed your favorite artist.

Rule number 2, keep it civil.

Rule number 3 - HAVE FUN!
as a musician in a working band,have often wondered what it is about music that makes one person love one-thing,and another hate same.no answer,other than this is simply what makes every-one an individual.
never got the eagles
never got the pretty girls version of fleetwood mac
never got rem (sleep)
never got the cowboy junkies
never got foreigner
never got al stewart
don't get norah jones
all of this stuff is like sonic pablum
All rap, all country. Pretty much most music after 1982.

Never cared much for Wagner or Copeland (Copeland=nails on chalkboard for me).