which audio rack?

i'm trying to get a 4 shelve audio stand, but would like to hear your opinions.so far i'm looking at plateu, studio tech, vantage point and target.what do you guys think?
Check out the sistrum SP-4 available from Star Sound Technology(the folks that brought you the original audio points), if I were in the market for a component rack its what I would get :) http://www.audiopoints.com/sistrum.html There's a link to check them out- the technology makes sense. Another rack that get a lot of praise is the Grand Prix Monaco, it is a lot more money but some feel it is worth it. I have no experience with grand prix, as were I know the sitrum component racks sound nice.
Yeah, instead of considering $350 racks, I would also like mention ones that are $1400. You should have a custom one built by Sound Anchors, or Billy Bags, but especially Sound Anchors.

FWIW - I saw some Plateau racks in a store, and at least those samples had a certain horrible build quality to them.

Good luck Opp, I'm sure you will end up with a nice non-flat rack.
I have the SP-7 with the brass rods and microfill. Awesome. The result, for me, was similar to a component upgrade.