Which Brand 5.1 Receiver & Model for under $400 & speaker suggestions?

Starting out with Building my new Surround "Movie & Ps4 set up"  we currently have a Bose Cineamate-series 2 Surround System. Subwoofer is not Currently working after 5 years of use 
I have a 1080p Samsung Tv  & watch Dvd's & Blue-rays. 1080p is fine for me & 5.1 Speaker Set-up. I am just Watch Di Movies & Netflix,Ps4 games.  Wanting to not spend more Than $400 on the Receiver ...its doesn't have to have all bells & whistles. wanting at least 70 watt per channel & later if your able to Suggest Reliable & Durable ---Fronts,center, back surround speakers. I'm a Single Father me & 10 yr old son love to feel our movies & games.
Going to get our Back due Child Support Soon!
Much Thanks 
You have my suggestions. You read, but you do not comprehend. Forget watts. Forget multi-channel. Two channel integrateds. Go and listen.
On these opinions pushing a 2-channel integrated.  It is very true that a 2-channel integrated is going to give you much better quality sound - that is if you listen to music most of the time.  However, your home theater and possibly gaming scenarios will be compromised because of the lack of center channel.  The center channel is likely the most important and most used speaker in HT/movies.  The imaging is going to off and different in a 2-channel only system (no matter what people say and the argument for "phantom center").
The 1608 has Front Speaker PreAmp outputs I believe so if down the road you get the itch for more power you can always add an external  2 channel power amp
I had Samsung tv for many years and i'm really saisfied with it. But during the house renovation with LeafGuard vs Gutter Helmet we damaged it and now also looking for the new one. Thinking about  Marantz now...