which budget DVD player for output to DAC?

I am considering buying an MSB Link or Perpetual DAC
and using a DVD player as input to it. What would be a
decent budget DVD player for this purpose - quality transport, proper digital audio outputs
for the DAC (or DIP)? Furthermore, would there be an advantage to putting a DIP (e.g. Monarchy) in between the DVD and the DAC?

Thanks - Keith
My $0.02 personally I think you're about three years too late to be playing with DACs and de-jitter devices like the DIP. I would consider a DVD or SACD player and get it modified by one of the respected modders. For example I currently have an EVS Millennium DAC, but if I lost the unit for some reason, or had to start over now, I would probably get Ric's mod to one of the panasonic DVD players. No digital ICs. Only one aftermarket power cord, one shelf, can get a modified clock, etc, etc. I think you'd be far ahead with performance for dollars, but just thing of all of the nervosa you would avoid!

No affiliation with EVS or Panasonic/Matsushita. Just a satisfied owner.
I would also like to get some feedback on cheap transports. I don't think it is too late to be using external DAC's and for me there are a number of reasons why it makes a lot of sense.

I'm presently using a MSB Gold Link III. I want the transport to be able to read CD, CDR, DVD, DVDA. Any suggestions?
The problem with "budget" dvd players is that they are built poorly. They use cheap parts, flimsy transports and they weigh about six pounds. Any half-decent CD player, even an old one with a quality transport mechanism, will sound better as a transport.
I'm sure you are right, I've used a Rega and I'm currently using a Meridian 506.20 to satisfaction but an old CD player will not play DVD's or DVDA's, which is why I asked.

Frankly I don't care what the form is but rather the function is more important. I'll put up with plastic if it produce the sound I desire.

So, again, does anyone have an experienced, educated opinion on a cheap DVD player that would function well as a transport?