which budget integrated amp Rotel, NAD or other

I am shoppin for a integrated amp with phono to serve temporarily in my system. It will drive Usher X718. I am considering the Rotel RA 1072 (60 watts) or NAD with similar power. The intergrated must have a phono stage. What are your thoughts? Thanks
Definitely give the Rega Brio 3 a listen. It's in the same wattage/price ballpark.
Personally I have never cared for the sound of Rotel equip. I have had many NAD pieces and think they are a great value. I also think older A or A.2 series Musical Fidelity pre/pwr or integrated are great pieces for the money. Finally, I think Marantz is making some very good pieces at reasonable prices.

That is what makes this hobby so much fun. So many choices.

Best of luck.