which budget integrated amp Rotel, NAD or other

I am shoppin for a integrated amp with phono to serve temporarily in my system. It will drive Usher X718. I am considering the Rotel RA 1072 (60 watts) or NAD with similar power. The intergrated must have a phono stage. What are your thoughts? Thanks
The Brio 3 is a superb int. amp. Great phono stage. I've been extremely satisfied w/mine. (Slightly modified, upgraded the spk. binding posts, added Herbie's Audio Lab footers for vibration control and upgraded the powercord as well. Took it to the next level.) Extremely nice sounding int. amp.
The Rega might be a good choice. Does anyone know what type of binding posts come standard-I hate those cheap plastic ones-thats whats nice about the Rotel-it has WBT posts. Also, NAD int. dont have built in phono. Im leaning to Rotel or Rega. Each at 60 watts per. Should be enough to drive my Usher X718?
Rega products are said to be nice, although I have no direct experience. The Rotel integrated amps do have a phono stage, which was another nice plus over NAD for me. I don't know about those Usher speakers (a dealer I visited did have a pair of Usher something-or-others hooked up to an Integra for demo purposes, but that's my sole experience with Ushers), but the 60 W Rotel RA-1520 was driving a pair of B&Ws in the dealer's, and B&W speakers are generally known for being wattage-happy. The dealer I bought from also said that the Rotel (also a similarly-spec'd NAD) should have no problem driving my very inefficient Smaller Advents. (I haven't hooked it up yet to test because my Advents are still in the shop.) So I don't think you Ushers should be an issue.
The Brio 3 should drive those Ushers without a problem.
The binding posts and RCA connections are not the highest quality, unfortunately. The source select and volume pots also feel a little cheesy, but they work fine.