Which Burmester amp to choose ?

I am looking to buy a Burmester amp, and I am thinking about 956 mk2 or 036. The cd player is Burmester 001, and the speakers are Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage. I have no chance to audition any amp before purchase. Wondering which would be better match with player, as I belleive they are both capable to drive the speakers, but there is a slight age difference between their appearance on market, 036 coming out last. I would appreciate the answer from people who actually owned or have extended listening experience with Burmester gear. Thank you
I have the 956 mk2. This is the final amp I will ever own -- I love it that much. It has plenty of muscle to drive most speakers. I have not heard the 036 personally; it most likely would drive the SF Guarneri just fine. However, I feel that the 956 would have better resale value should you ever decide to sell it. If you get lucky, you can get it used for < $8000.
Thank you, Apdoc2004. I see that you have had the Pass ams as well? Do you know how many watts Burmester produce in A classs? Do you use any other Burmester gear in your system?
I have no idea how much of Burmester's output is in Class A as Burmester does not specify this information in the product literature (which is rather sparse). I will say that the Burmester 956 sound seems to embody the best attributes of Class A sound (to my ears). I do not use any other Burmester gear as I found excellent synergy with a Marantz Reference SC-7s2 preamp.