Which Burson or Dexa did you get?

I have the original Minimax DAC and have read numerous reviews both pro and normal people (the most recent was Enjoy the Musics review of the Minimax DAC plus w/ various opamps both discreet and in chip form). One frustrating thing I've noticed is that nobody ever says which discreets they used! Both Dexa and Burson offer many of the same types (827s, 5534 etc) of opamps but for some reason no one says which ones they got whereas they seem to always say which type of DIP OPAMPS they got. Do the discreet people only offer one kind of opamp for the Minimax or what? Thanks.
...I wonder why they list the other types of opamps? I guess I don't understand why the listed opamp types that work in the Minimax when using the DIP style won't work w/ the discreet opamps?
Enjoy the music made some comparisons, they used DEXA and Burson. The listed the specific opamps that can be used,

Thanks for the article. It mirrors my experience with the Burson and Dexas. Between Opamp and tube swapping the DAC + is an incredibly versatile product that allows one to tailor the sound to taste.
Glad to see some people are catching on to this. I have used
The Burson and Dexa opamps for about a year now following my
Dagogo. Com review related to the Dac Plus; it continues to impress me.

Just returned from CES and THE shows and conclude that with the right
Associated electronics this method is capable of top level sound. :)
I had read the E.T.M. review but he listed only the types of opamps when he was experimenting w/ the DIP style. Doug, which types did youtry out?