Which cartridge do you use with the vpi classic?

I just recieved the classic and it totally improved the sound of my analog setup. This is one of the best buys in audio, it only took me half an hour to setup, maybe an hour total from opening the box to playing, this is great for those who just want to listen to great vinyl without the fuss.
I am using a denon 103r with incredible results, the phono stage is a JLTI, an audio experience preamp and sim w-5 amp with merlin speakers, one would think this is a million dollar system.
I highly recommend the classic.
Now would like to improve in the cartridge department.
I believe that the arm on my Classic is made of a combo of stainless and aluminum. Would you comment on this combination of materials and Benz carts.

Thanks, John
The Denon 103 series works fine on medium arm mass(14 and below) but is totally different animal in performance and sound when the effective tonearm mass is at 24 gms and above.

No wonder why some says the 103 series are just okay and nothing special. If you use a medium mass tonearm, uni pivot is the worse, then you heard the Denon 103 series, but you have not listen to it really. Yes, it is true that the compliance figure of the 103 was "calculated at
100 Hz instead of 10 Hz...etc. etc.". Just try it, if not read about it and you will see what I meant.

Now, if your plan is just to get by, then a medium mass arm is fine for the 103 series. It will absolutely work, but I promise you, you will find so many shortcomings on its sound later on.

Go to AA. Research and you will find your real answer there without buying the ticket to the upgrade merry go round. Over here, the best recommendation is always buy this, buy that, kind of stuff.
I have a Grado The Reference 1 Statement (low output) and I got this after trying several other very good cartidges. It's been exceptional.

I thought that the Classic still shipped with the aluminum arm unless you request the SS one? That's what VPI told me when I asked, has the changed?
I know I'll get knives and bullets aimed at when I say this, but here goes--this denon 103r is super.
I will add though that I still consider myself a newbie, I thought my previous table the highly modified tnt was awesome but the classic is a real cool cat!!!
Still wondering what cartridges will be found to match the classic/10.5i tonearm the best. I know many who responded have heard/owned the 10.5i arm but not neccessarily all have had the opportunity to hear it on the classic.