Which Clock

I have a HIFI Rose RS130 streamer that will be feeding a Denafrips Terminator Plus. I’m planning to use the i2s connection. Which clock will this setup be using? The streamer or the DAC? I’m hoping the DAC because I believe the Terminator has the better OCXO clock.


I believe i2s just like spdif uses the sources clock.   You want USB if you want the DAC to use its internal clock 

I beleive @oddiofyl is correct and only usb will use the DAC clock.  You don’t “need” the ddc but it’s nice to have and will squeeze the last bit of detail out of your source, lower noise floor and make everything sound better. I run a Hermes in front of my Pontus II.  You will want the Gaia if you decide to go that route.