Which components are "stupid good"?

Which components, known to be outstanding in their category, have a performance to price differential such that they can truly be called "stupid good?"
Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC

Modwright LS100 Preamp

Grover Huffman Interconnects
Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC.
Supra Classic 6 speaker wire.
Grover Huffman SX interconnects.
Tube Audio Design "Hibachi" ss monoblocks.
1.)Altec (288, 802D,416,515,604,414,806, 811, 511)
2.)RCA Phono Preamp Circuit(you have to build it)
3.)Azura Horns
4.)Thorens TD124, Garrard 301, Technics SP10, SME 3012! (sells for less than $500 or thereabouts per before all the craziest depleted the supply). Thank God I was informed very early!! Got one of my TD124 at $215 IIRC!

5.) Altec 4722 SUT
6.) Teres Original 255
Over the years these are the 2 that struck me as silly good

Placette passive preamp - resister based, which is excellent in some set ups.

Canbridge Audio 840C CDP
B&K 200+ amp
Adcom 565 preamp
Sound Dynamics 300ti speakers
C&J sonograph TT and arm
Amber series 70 amp old but still sweet and not sterile like earlier SS amps
JVC 1050&1010 CD players