Which components knocked you out on first listen?

I've been listening to stereos since 1973 and I am still waiting to be truly knocked out by the sound of a component. I have sat in showrooms across the country and have been pleased by what I have heard but never truly blown away.
The closest I came was when I listened to a Meitner str-55 amp and VTL preamp a few years ago, sourced by a Linn Ikemi and Revel loudspeakers. However, I also have been moved by a
Apple computer cd drive, circa 1994 through a Creek 4040 and RA Lab speakers, estimated cost about $1,200; maybe more so than the Linn,Revel 10K system. How about you?
I would have to say, a revox tuner, the b160 , I have never heard any tuner sound so good, just incredible it just blows everything else away and this is a vintage tuner. Those revoxes sure do look and sound good.
Lamms L2 Ref Preamp/Lamm M1.2 Ref Monos are awe-inspiring. So I bought them. The system consists of:

Lamm L2 Ref Preamp
Lamm M1.2 Ref Mono Amps (atop SRA VR-Series IsoBases)
Meitner MA-1 DAC
Meridian Sooloos Ensemble Music Server
Wilson Sasha ver. 1
Transparent Audio Ref ICs and Spkr cable
Transparent Ref XL IC between the Meitner and the L2