Which components to isolate

Need help deciding which components are best isolated. I have three dedicated duplexes and want to minimize distortions put back into the system. I have a Running Springs Dmitri plugged into one outlet leaving two unused. I have a very good dac, pre, amp and transport. Also have a digital "room perfect" component.I can only isolate two units unless I double up on the duplexes.What would be a best guess as to how to plug it all in. My rack situation makes it hard to simply unplug and listen. I am going to try dac to one outlet and digital eq into the other outlet.Anyone with experience on this?
First you have to know some things about the characteristics of the current.

Current goes trugh the easier way: 1.- gold, 2.- silver, 3.-cupper in this order if the gauge or caliber are the same. The current goes easier in thick cable than a thin. Consider to power your gear in the easier way.

The components that need more current go in this order:

1.- Amplifier Mono or Stereo
2.- Preamplifier
3.- DAC and Transport

Use one outlet isolated for your stereo amplifier. Use two isolated outlet if your amps are mono.

If you can isolate the preapmplifier too, just do it.

Then you can use the Spring Dmitri for your Transport-DAC and maybe the preamplifier. Do not conect any heavy consumer of current in the same place of the DAC and Transport.

The rule is to trying to isolate the amps, they need or demand more current.

It's very important the instalation about earth ground in your electrical system.

I guess you have good cables in all your system.
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Gold is third best conductor after silver and copper. gold is used for connections where oxidation is problematic.