Which cone's or platforms have helped?

I am curious which Cones or platforms you guys are using on your equipment that have given the best performance? Which products have you tested head to head? Which products were a big disapointment? I am currently looking at the mapleshade cones. I am already using a large maple base like they recommend. I am posting this under digital because I have been told that it can make the biggest difference on CD players.
Cdc: That was Ken ( Caterham1700 ) of Neuance fame that suggested the Ikea "Lack" end tables. I did end up doing a lot of talking to Ken in that thread, so it might be easy to get us confused. It's either that or your memory is starting to go : ) Sean
Silent Running Ohio XL platforms for mono blocks and a
Mana-Neuance shelf combination for digital or analogue.
All this talk about resonance transfer. Has anyone taken the time to think about it? If you're transferring the ever so slight resonance out, what about the big vibrations that you're transferring in? Footsteps or subwoofer vibrations are alot more than any resonance you're trying to transfer out. It's not real difficult. There are no one-way valves on resonance or virbration transfer.
Well designed platforms take care of the internal and external vibrations, since they do NOT work like a valve.
His platforms do not distinguish between the two forms of vibrations, but efficiently rid the component of internal as well as external vibrations.

Read what Kevin of Silent Running has to say about it:

A movement or vibration creates friction in the module and this produces heat. Heat is used to effect and change the darometer of the compound, in a pre-calculated manner dependent on weight. As vibrations pass through module after module, their amplitude gradually decreases until it is dissipated entirely. This is what makes the isoBASE such a highly effective isolation device.
Ken's NEUANCE shelves are an attractive, very affordable, easy-to-use system to isolate CDPs, especially. No change in spectral tilt, but trememdous improvement in clarity and coherence of low-midlevel source components. After the dramatic improvements on an old Rotel I had to get a pair for my EMC-1 (44 lbs) and Aleph P pre (35 lbs). These massively built components may not benefit as dramatically from the Neuane, but then again their resolving abilities should allow perception of even subtle improvements, so I use 'em there, too!