which cowboy junkies cd?

I don't own any cowboy junkies music. which should i consider first?
I like Lay It Down. Still, the opening track on Trinity sessions-Mining for gold, is my favorite Margo Timmons vocal.
I would agree with Bdgregory, that it is hard to find a bad 'Junkies' CD. With that said, I also found 'Open' to be a bit of a letdown, with the exception of one track which is IMO Classic Junkies.

My personal favorite is Caution Horses. I agree again with Bdgregory that 'Lay It Down' is not often mentioned, is a good representation and is perhaps their most 'polished' offering. One track from it was in the soundtrack of 'The Truth About Cats & Dogs'.
Is simply one of the most natural sounding recordings I have ever heard.

It was recorded very minimally and to me, this is an immense blessing.

To echo what others have said, a bad Cowboy Junkies recording does not exist.
For me, Trinity Sessions on 45rpm vinyl is really hard to beat. The live CD 200 Miles is really good for those who already like the band, but I wouldn't suggest starting w/it. Cheers,
Whites Off Earth Now is my favorite and Trinity Sessions is a close second. I do not think any of their other stuff is close being as good as these two.