Which do you feel ...

are your (own/personal) most underrated artist/lps? The ones that at least should have more exposure or be the topic of more discussion.

Gary Louris "Vagabonds"
John Fogerty "Revival"
Pink Floyd "the final cut"
I'll add Phil Ochs to the list of artists deserving wider recognition. I discovered his music long after his death.
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Thomas Ades, John Adams; with a handful of others, the future of Classical music.
Kurt Elling,
Stephen Sondheim.
Colonel Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit - "Mirrors of Embarrassment"

Ry Cooder - "Ry Cooder"

David Bromberg - "How Late'll Ya Play 'Til?"

Johnny Adams - "One Foot in the Blues"

"Don't You Wish it Was True" on the Fogerty Revival CD is one of my favorite Fogerty songs. Good stuff.

"Blue Moon Swamp" is my favorite solo Fogerty album overall.