which dvd for under 1k

Thanks for all the info on my last question concerning amps. I purchased a Mac 2250, to power my Usher be 718s, and new interconnects, all is well, really, really good. I mostly listen 2 ch, including my dvd concerts, and have many of those. Currently I have an old Sony 5 disc changer, and I would like to upgrade to the best audio I can get from a single disc model for under 1k. A recent visit to an Atlanta high end suggested the Pioneer BDP-05FD. Recommendations?? Thanks
I have the new OPPO Blu-ray Universal player (under the early adoption program). Stunning. Plays EVERY disc I throw at it, including DVD-A now with the latest firmware, and all for much less than $1K!
while the oppo that everyone raves about is great for video, at your price range i don't think you can touch denon or arcam universal players for audio. if you don't need blu-ray, you can get great deals on a used denon 5910/3910 or arcam dv-135/137. the integra units are pretty great for the prices as well.
The Oppo does look like a winner if you want a universal player. The JVC has all the bells and whistles and claims to load in 8 secs or less and can be bought for 229.00 from Best Buy with free shipping. But it is not a universal player.