Which external SSD for music streaming?

My new music streamer has a USB socket to connect an external Solid State Drive. I am thinking of getting one with 2 or 4 TB storage capacity to store my whole CD collection on it. What I don't know is how fast such an SSD needs to be. I was thinking of a Crucial X6 (up to 800 MB/s), or X9 (up to 1050MB/s). Or is any SSD fast enough to stream music smoothly? Thanks



@roccity Makes sense, but the question will also be 'To stream or not to stream'. If the quality of streaming Quboz, in my case, is good, then how necessary will it be to have the same music stored on an ssd, except for rare irreplaceable and new works. @audphile1 suggested that to me, which makes sense too.

@stievus Then there's always the possibility that a particular album or artist that you love suddenly becomes unavailable on Quboz or whatever your current streaming platform of choice. Given the minimal cost of storage, I feel it doesn't hurt to at least have your CD collection and any other digital audio files you may have on an SSD with an HDD backup.

@roccity True; some titles I played a lot already disappeared (while they still are in Spotify). Problem is, you never know in advance which ones will disappear, and buying everything I like will be a fortune.

a member here with significant streaming expertise (can't remember who) recommended the Samsung T7 a couple years ago--i bought two on that recommendation although my streamer is also a server with its own internal storage so i just use them for backup--but i can designate the streamer to use them (which i did at first) and they worked smoothly.  Someone above also mentioned.

The external Samsung drives should be fine, but are more costly than Samsung SATA drives in a third party external USB case. A QVO 2.5” 4 TB drive in a competent USB 3.0/3.1 case might bring a better cost-per-GB ratio and shouldn’t sacrifice anything for audio data purposes.

I only mention this because comparative price point seems a consideration of OP.