which floor speaker up to 1500.00

im all ears..soundstage and imaging are most important..buying new only. Music..dance/pop/jazz/classical
I have listened to the Golden Ears and to be honest liked the revel performa 3 series better..M105. I have decided the Breeze and Stiff Breeze are the bookshelves to seriously consider. Vapor Audio has spent alot on making this speaker and the sound quality for the money is ultra amazing.
At ~$1500, you should at least take listen to Monitor Audio RX6 or RX8. Hard to beat them for overall sound quality for a small floorstander. The nice thing about them is that the conventional wisdom about small, inexpensive towers not imaging well does not seem to apply to them. I compared them to several other small floorstanders and they set up a great soundstage and imaging, had great mid range and treble clarity, along with decent bass.
I bet Magnepan MMG would sound nice in that room. Specially with a small quality 8" sub.

I agree used is the best deal although theres always a little risk of not getting what you paid for.

So many good speakers to look at. While I agree box bracing is huge, its not the final judge for sure.

Here are some great used speakers to try & check out if you can find local ads. This is a wide variety and some Just favorites from the many I have owned.

-Magnepan MMG (under 450)
-Magnepan 1.6 & 1.7(prob to big for 10x12)
-Vandersteen 1c
Vandersteen 2 in different series
Legacy classic(Some argue cheap parts, but Legacy sounds good to me)(under 1300)
Klipsch KLF 30 2001or later with titanium tweets & mids upgrades(love them under $800)
Paradigm reference 60's-100's various series(a bit harsh though)
Martin Logan Aeon i (IMO best Logans ever! Only liked the i version with tweeter on rear)
Martin Logan Ascent i ($1500)

There are many others to listen to. Some likely to big for room. Logans are now expensive to repair. Need panels often. If you like to mod or tweak speakers , the KlipschKFL 30's can be easily moded(titaniums, bracing, cross over) and become incredible speakers at their price invested(1200 aprox with everything)